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Current Cats Available for Adoption
To adopt one of our foster cats please conact and put in an application with the rescue organization (Humane Society, Municipal Animal Services etc.) the cat is associated with. Toe Beans staff do not, under normal circumstances, directly handle any applications or make decisions on the rehoming of animals.
Boots; DSH Rascel; DSH Sally; DSH Phantom; DSH Forest; DSH

Baby Fosters
During kitten season Toe Beans takes on some foster babies from our local rescue organizations. These kittens are not currently up for adoption as they are usually unfixed, under 8 weeks of age or here for socialization purposes. You're welcome to come visit and play with them in our cat room; we will announce on social media when we find out they're ready for adoption.

Permanent Residents
Our cat ambassadors are our permant residents that belong to Toe Beans and live at the cafe full time. They are not available adoption, but are available for cuddling and play in the cat room! Not all of our permanent residents will be in the cafe all the time as they are our personal pets and do occasionally come home with us for rest and extra pampering.

Captain Picard; Sphynx Princess Zelda; Maine Coon Pugsley Addams; Exotic Shorthair: @pugsleyaaddams on instagram She-Ra; Maine Coon

Toe Beans Alumni
Some of our success stories!
Seth; DSH Tango; DSH Foxtrot; DSH Ginger; DSH Forest; DSH River; DSH Creek; DSH Trevor; DSH Travis; DSH Guinie; DSH Sasha; DMH Mags; DSH Sassy; DSH Stripes; DSH Cali; DSH Gracie Allen; DSH Morris; DSH Orea; DMH Sassy; DSH Trixi; DSH Wally; DMH Sitka; DLH Skittles; DSH Kelly; DLH Cole; DSH Roxie; DSH Bunnie; DSH Red; DSH Autumn; DSH Shimmer; DSH Moonuh; DSH Rio; DLH Kris; DSH Sabrina; DSH Charles; DSH Sascha; DSH Tullo; DMH Luxy; DSH Oreo; DSH Soot; DSH Jupiter; DMH Quinn; Flame Point Siamese Raven; DMH Sirius; DSH Hector; DSH Bickle; DSH Gizmo; DMH Alfie; DSH Blizzard; DSH Matisse; DSH Daisy; DSH Madonna; DSH Mitchell; DSH Apollo; DLH Myla; DSH Pumpkin; DSH Tonka; DSH Gracie; DSH Zazu; DSH Monty; DMH Asia; DSH Goose; DSH Buddy; DSH Muggins; DSH Winston; DSH Spixx; DMH Roxy; DSH Patches; DLH

Toe Beans MVPs
Our first cats at home that inspired the cafe!

Doctor Boo; DSH Whittaker; DSH